What started out as a dream became something real when Sky Shooters Studio was born in 2018. 

The Studio started off in a small 20m2 garage and was built on a foundation of ambition, passion, and beauty. Over time, the studio has developed a name for itself by creating a small professional network in the world of photography and fine art. Now with a physical location in Liege, Sky Shooters Studio is the one-stop shop for artistic staging, art, and fashion portraits.

The studio takes on projects of all sizes, working with large and small scale brands in addition to individuals. It is constantly developing and taking on new clients whether they are seasoned artists or beginners looking to explore their interests in the fine art and photography fields. Sky Shooters Studio is the playground for all artists, photographers, videographers, designers, and anyone else looking for a fun, professional, and inviting environment to create in.

Sky Shooters Studio was created because of an artist’s passion for art, photography, and the fashion world. Now, the studio can be used by artists of all types to express themselves, to showcase products and creations, and to work with similarly passionate and ambitious creators. Art and photography are not based on routine and comfort. The power, complexity, and beauty of images is all caught by artists like you. So if you have an idea, a project, a unique piece of your own, or perhaps you’re just curious about learning photography--book your consultation today with Sky Shooters Studio.

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